About this Site

I set this site up initially in about 2003 when I was teaching A level Physics in a sixth form college on Teesside.  I started after a seminar about how to use the Internet as a teaching tool in a staff development session.  I learned about the use of the FrontPage web-editor  I thought it would be a good way to support my students who could access my notes at any time.


Gradually the site grew as I went beyond what I had written in my notes.  I also started to look at how many students were accessing the notes, and was bowled over at the numbers.  It spurred me on to do more, and eventually I covered the whole of the AQA A-level syllabus.  The structure of the site reflects the modular nature of the original syllabus, but it works as well for the linear syllabus.  My modular scheme of work that I adopted for my teaching generally followed the order of the syllabus.  When the syllabus went linear, I stuck with the scheme of work.  I think this is a good thing:


Home Page


The Contents button will take you to the contents (really?) which then take you to the appropriate topics.  For each topic, there is a header page that takes you to a tutorial.  There is also a search facility.


The Syllabus button will take you to a page that will map the pages with the syllabus you are studying.  The syllabuses are AQA, Edexcel, OCR, SQA, Welsh, CEA, and Irish Leaving Certificate.  I am working on this at the moment, and have the AQA syllabus mapped.


The Teachers button leads to a page for teachers.


The Links button take you to a page full of links, many of which are similar sites for other A-levels.


If you are reading this, you have pressed the About button.


The Contact button allows you to e-mail me.  I do not have a presence on social media.  I have heard too much about the distress caused by the small number of mindless and inadequate imbeciles who get their pleasure from bullying others.


The Blog button takes you to a page on which from time to time I write some drivel and indulge in a rambling rant about current affairs.


Year 1 Uni will take you to my sister website (www.jirvine.co.uk) which offers tutorials in Electrical Engineering, Magnetism, Electronics, and Electric Motors.  These will be of interest to students doing a first year university course to cover stuff you may not have done at Physics A-level. 


Donate button.  I find discussion about money rather distasteful, but the site costs me money to run, for example the hosting fees for my Webspace provider, 1 and 1.  If you have used the site regularly and it has helped you, please consider a donation.


There is a Search function in which you can type a topic.  It will operate a Google Search.



How to Use the Pages

These pages work on MS Internet Explorer, MS Edge, and Google Chrome.  For some reason, they do not always show correctly with Firefox.  For example, the square-root symbol () shows up as "".  It seems that Firefox does not read the symbol library contained in MS FrontPage, the web-editor on which these notes are written.



The pages are set up in frames.  The top frame (white text on a black background) shows the syllabus statements from the AQA.  Other syllabuses will be different, but the physics will be the same.  It also has key questions, and key words.


To the left are interactive buttons to help with the navigation.  The Full Page allows you to open up the main frame as a separate page.  You can also use the tabs at the top of the main frame.  The blue buttons show the other tutorials in the topic.  The green button leads to a self-test.  This is most likely to be a multiple-choice quiz using the Hot Potatoes interactive software.  The pink button brings up the AQA data sheet in pdf form.  The topic test is based on a test that I wrote for my students based on A-level standard questions that I have written or questions from past papers.  There is a marking scheme to help you to assess yourself.


The box with the maroon text on a grey background is a question that gets you to practise on what you have learned.  Click on the Answer button to get the answer.


In the green box there are links that open up sites that are relevant.  They may explain things in a different way to me, or they may have video-clips that illustrate a particular point. 


I have now spent a lot of time revising the site, now that I have retired.  I have reviewed what I originally wrote.  There were bits where I wondered, "What on earth was I thinking about when I wrote that?"  There were typos, and other mistakes.  Any author will till you that doing your own editing is not a good idea.  I agree.  Many readers have drawn my attention to mistakes.  I have not always corrected mistakes in a timely manner, as I was busy with my own students.  Now that I have retired, I can rectify any mistakes that have been drawn to my attention by you, my readers, as soon as I find out about them.  If you do suspect a mistake, please let me know by contacting me by e-mail.


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