I find discussion about money rather distasteful and I apologise. I don't want to be thought of as a money-grubber (which is why I would not last two minutes in The City).


I remain committed to the site being freely available so that students can access it at any time both in and out of college. I will continue to maintain the site as long as it's relevant and useful.


Therefore I am going to suggest a voluntary donation system. I would ask colleges and schools who use the site regularly to make an annual donation. I know that this will impact on budgets that are tight as they are, but in effect it is the cost of two physics textbooks.


I have also felt it to be necessary to increase the price of my resources to 15. Even so I hope you would agree that it still represents very good value for money.


I have now set up a PayPal Account to make it easier. It is as secure as any internet transaction.


To donate by cheque: