January 2019

A Merry New Year

The Easter Bunny has not yet emerged in out Tesco store, but he is about in Morrisons's.  In Tesco, there are some sad reminders of Christmas, and some very large boxes of washing powder.  I am not sure what Tesco customers have been up to during Christmas.


Meanwhile we have had a lot of anti-cyclonic gloom up here in Yorkshire - dry but very overcast, dismal and depressing.


I'm dreaming of a white Easter...



This Site

I am preparing stuff for the International Baccalaureate syllabus.  I have completed the main part of the syllabus, but I am having to write new tutorials for the options.   However it may be some time before I get the other options done.  This is because my wife's mother passed away on Friday evening, 4th January.  She was 90, but was active and healthy.  However on Wednesday 2nd January she had an accident at home in which she fell, breaking her hip.  On Friday afternoon she deteriorated and passed away in the evening.  It has been a shock to us all.


The result of this is that my wife and I have a great deal to do to clear up her affairs.  This is not made any easier by my wife's health not being that good, and having poor mobility.


It is important that I can support my wife through this difficult time.  I have therefore decided that I won't be doing any further work on the site until after the funeral. 





The picture below seems ever more likely to sum up the future.



It gets worse. 


Now we have our Transport Secretary appointing at a cost of 14 million a company to provide ferry services between Ramsgate and Oostende that has:


However, Mr Grayling assures us how it is right to support a start up company that is British. 


I presume the owners of this company have bought a copy of Ship Simulator (the program is based on Flight Simulator FS10).  Once they can do Ship Simulator, no doubt they will go down to the ship shop and buy a number of roll-on-roll-off ferries.  I have an imaginary airline called Pork-Air which I have used on my Flight Simulator 9, barging in on large aerodromes in a manner that is most unairmanlike.  I might go down to the aeroplane shop and buy myself a C130 Hercules, or an Airbus A300 M (aka a Grizzly) and start lugging freight about the world.


I write fiction (who said this site is a work of fiction?) much of which is, shall we say, not exactly award-winning literature.  (Forty five years ago, Mr Bowen, my English teacher, did not rate my story-telling efforts at all highly.)  But if I wrote a story based on this, people would rightly say that I have completely lost the plot.


As is the verdict of the Great Drone Chase at Gatwick.  Apparently most of the sightings were of the police drone that was in action above the airfield.  What is NOT funny is what happened to two people who were arrested and identified by the press (including the Daily Telegraph), and later whose innocence was proved beyond all doubt.  In their own words, "they were violated".   I hope they get a large compensation payout.  And it was not funny for the many tens of thousands whose travel plans were disrupted.


I suspect that there will be a lot of backsides being kicked at junior level in the Sussex Constabulary.  The senior bottoms that should get kicked will go scot-free, and may even get a bonus.


Just as strange is Mr Gove who has announced at an agricultural conference that food prices will go up and that small farmers will suffer a lot because of Brexit.  Well, well, an outbreak of truth for a change - or has he flipped?  Perhaps if Mr Gove had said this three years ago, we would not be in the position we are today.


I have often said that if a teacher approached his or her job with the same casual incompetence as Mr Grayling does, he or she would be on a fast-track dismissal process.  For him to say, "We like to support a new British start-up" is akin to a pupil who has bombed out in a mock exam saying to his or her teacher, "Somebody has got to come last".  Added to that there is a range of casual indolence, casual incompetence,  casual irresponsibility, casual immaturity, and casual ignorance.  It is as if these vices are considered "cool" by the present government, in the same way as wilfully underachieving Year 10 pupils.


It is ironic indeed that some years ago, the current Prime Minister described the Conservative Party as "The Nasty Party".  What is it now with the hostile environment set up by Mrs May when she was Home Secretary?  And that environment has spread to every department.  "The Nastiest Party" seems the least offensive way of describing it.



Until the next time I saddle up my high horse, enjoy and good luck.  I hope you do well.