September 2019


The academic year has come round yet again, and it's time to congratulate all of you who have achieved at AS or A-level and the equivalents, e.g. Highers and Advanced Highers.  If you are going to university, I hope your time is a life-boosting experience.  Some of you will be going for apprenticeship.  Again I hope you do really well.  Others will be progressing to the second year of A-levels.  I wish you all success.


Some of you may be disappointed with your results.  I sympathise.  However there are plenty of opportunities that are there.  Listen to what others have to say, but remember that you are unique and have a unique set of characteristics that you can offer.  There is a niche for you.


Those who have finished GCSE and are progressing to AS and A-level, welcome.  And those who have progressed from National 5 to Highers, welcome.  I hope you find this site helpful.


Over this next year, I shall be adding bits of material here and there, where I feel my coverage may have been a bit thin.


This site attempts to cover all the English-speaking syllabuses for Physics used in the UK, Ireland, and other European countries.  Go to the syllabus page to look for your syllabus.  If you are not sure what syllabus you are doing, check with your tutor.


Good luck and enjoy your studies.




My high horse is going out to pasture for a while.  Until the next time I saddle up him up again, enjoy and good luck.  I hope you do well.