Teachers' Page


I welcome you warmly to the new version of my website.  As you can see, I have spent a lot of time revamping the site to make it more attractive and have added more stuff:

  • More detail where my explanations were a bit lacking in detail;

  • More questions;

  • More interactive tests;

  • Practice questions;

  • Topic tests based on past questions and papers.

The notes are presented as tutorials.  The material in the tutorials would be the content of one or two lessons.  I have made the navigation easier with buttons, so hopefully navigation about the site is easier.


I have changed the page format to black on white, but with larger font (14, rather than 12).  I have chosen Tahoma rather than Trebuchet, as I think it's a little bit more readable for any students with dyslexia.


I have included the notes in an in-line frame.  I have set the width of this to 1200 pixels, as the original 1550 px (set up on my laptop) would not fit on some monitors without resizing.  If I made the in-line frame any smaller, it would look bad on wide monitors.  If this is a problem, you can view each page as full page by pressing the Full Page button on the left.  Alternatively you can zoom in on the browser.


These notes are for AQA Physics A, because that is the syllabus* I used.  The structure of the site reflects the old modular syllabus and my scheme of work.  To revise the site structure would have been a huge task.  Whatever syllabus you use, the physics is the same.  It's just the order that is different.  However I have included all the syllabuses so that your students can access the syllabus that you are using, and then use the links to the notes.  I have added bits and pieces to the tutorials to cover stuff that is not on the AQA syllabus.  If students are not sure about what they need to cover, please guide them.


Please make links with this site from your VLE or other student sites your school or college may run.


I hope you will enjoy using the material with your students. 


With kindest regards,


James Irvine


*I still use the word "syllabus" rather than the more trendy "specification" (or worse, "spec").  A specification to me is a data sheet that I use when I am buying some machine for my workshop (just like a platform is something I stand on when I am waiting for a train).


I have substantially rewritten many of my resources for use with my students at Leeds City College.  These include:

  • Lesson Plans (written for the teacher and PowerPoint for students), including derivations of equations.

  • Schemes of work;

  • Homework Packs and answers;

  • Tests;

  • Records of Learning and Achievement, which students find useful when they review their work.


All my resources I am happy to share for a donation of 15 for the upkeep of my site.  However I need to know that you are a bona fide teacher.  If you want my resources, please:

  1. E-mail me using the link below;

  2. Give me your name, your school address and contact number;

  3. Have a flash memory available.  (CD-ROMs are too small!).

I will return your e-mail and give instructions to where to send the flash memory and the cheque.  Please be patient.  You know for yourselves the amount of work we have to do as teachers, so I am not always as prompt as I should be with my correspondence.


Please note that some links may not work when removed from the original folders.  Also I use stuff that is not mine in my teaching.  Clearly I am not allowed to redistribute this material.


You have my standing permission freely to use my notes on your own Virtual Learning Environments.  You may also copy and paste the pages into Word or other formats to distribute to your students within your school or college for genuine educational activity.  You may adapt any text or image that belongs to me for any educational purpose.  However I ask you to make due acknowledgement of the source.  That also applies to any student who uses these notes in research for any project.


You may not use any part of this site for any profit-making enterprise or site that charges for access, unless you have been given my written permission.  This does NOT prevent any commercial site making links with this site.