Particle and Quantum Physics Topic Test


This test is based on proper examination past questions.  If you are not sure of what examination words mean, look at the glossary using the tab below.

Before doing the test, make sure that you have a calculator.

At the end, convert your mark into a percentage.  You can then work out your grade.

A - 80 %; B - 70 %; C - 60 %; D - 50 %; E - 40 %; U - less than 40 %.

The exam board will convert the raw mark into a Uniform Mark Scale (UMS) using a complex algorithm, based on statistics, whether the school secretary is in a bad mood (which she is if the day has a D, an A, or a Y in it), and how many miles to the gallon the chief examiner's car did when he last filled it up with petrol.  Just hope that his Year 9 bottom set didn't give him a hard time...

How to do the test:

  • If possible, do the test with a friend.

  • Print off the AS data sheet (it's a pdf file)

  • Print off the test.

  • Do it like a test you would do with your teacher.

  • Do it on your own, without looking anything up in the pages.

  • Then open the answers.

  • Swap over and mark each others' scripts.

  • If you have any problems, ask your teacher.


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