This topic introduces you to the study of materials.  Material science is an important discipline as it is vital that materials have the correct properties for the job in hand.  The new A380 Airbus is a massive machine with a mass of over 600 tonnes.  It can only fly because the materials from which it is made are very light, but very strong.  Contrast this with a chipboard cupboard that is very heavy but very feeble.


Material scientists carry out a range of tests on new materials to see how they behave when stretched, squashed or twisted.  They see what happens when they use extreme conditions (e.g. very hot or very cold).

Tutorial 1

Material Properties

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Tutorial 2

Hooke's Law

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Tutorial 3

Stress, Strain, and Young's Modulus

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Tutorial 4

Fluid Materials (Not on AQA Syllabus)

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