Physics 3  Practical Work

Physics is a practical subject.  While it is possible to do Physics without attempting any practical work, the subject does not come alive.  Most people learn effectively by trying things out (myself included).  On one occasion I was asked a question during an interview that made me struggle and splutter.  Later I tried out out and the answer hit me like a hammer.  But a day-and-a-half too late.


Since these notes were first written, the practical components of all syllabuses have changed, to incorporate required practicals.  There is a lot of stuff in the induction notes that you will find helpful.  These notes are more focused on the experimental work.  I have removed the stuff about ISA and EMPA.


The requirements for practical work are similar across AQA, EDEXCEL, and OCR boards.  The Welsh Board have a separate practical examination taken at the end of the second year.


These notes are written for AQA students, although much of the material will be relevant to other students.

Tutorial 1

Why do Practical Work?


Tutorial 2

Required Practicals


Tutorial 3

Presentation of Data


Tutorial 4

Scientific Method


Tutorial 5



AS Data Sheet (.pdf file).  Click on the PDF icon.  Download it, print it off, and use it whenever you do a test. 

It will also make very good lavatory reading.  Knowing where a formula can be found will help you no end in the exam.

Example of A-grade course work (Edexcel B syllabus)

I am most grateful to Stephen Lucas, a past student of mine, for his kind permission to use this resource.

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