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Have you ever wondered what a casino manager REALLY does on a day to day basis??? I gave you a hint as to what I deal with in my bio, but I thought I would share some examples of typically what goes on in my daily life.

Often times the people who I answer to don’t have a clue as to what ‘real’ life is all about, and dealing with them is usually more frustrating than dealing with angry players. So, everyday, in any given week, this is what I do … slightly exaggerated in some cases, plain truth in others.

The very first thing I do in the morning is look at what kind of business the casino did while I was away. As this is often times a mixed blessing, I do this particular duty with one eye shut. Having a huge winner is terrific, I really mean that!! They’re excited, and usually send me an email asking if they really won. I’m excited because I get to tell them that it is very true, and then ask how they want their winnings sent to them. Then I get the phone call from my boss, and he definitely isn’t excited.

Which brings me to the next part of the day … My Boss. There are many reasons why I chose not to say who I am, or where I work; My Boss being the number one reason. On the upside, he is a remote Boss, so it isn’t as if he is standing over my shoulder on a daily basis. On the downside, he has a cell phone permanently attached to his ear, like a growth. Having a conversation with him can literally take hours, as he does not hesitate to make and receive calls thirty or forty times a day. Our typical daily conversation goes something along these lines:

Boss: I just got the statistics for yesterday … excellent! We made a million dollars!

Scarlett: Boss, the million dollars you are looking at is ‘dollars gambled’, not profit. Our gross profit was $75k, then someone hit a jackpot for $50k. So the gross is less than $25k, and don’t forget … our operating expenses have not been taken out.

Sad to say, I have had the same conversation with him for almost three years. But, there are worse things in my day. Nope, it’s not the players, but rather marketers who don’t understand the critically important difference between getting a new customer and getting a ‘click’ on the website. A typical conversation with one such marketing genius goes something like this:

Scarlett: Hey, Lee. Where did you place that last banner ad? We are getting signups like crazy.

Marketer: I know, isn’t it terrific? I just ran an analysis on how many hits the website is getting, and it is through the roof!

Scarlett: It would be terrific if the sign-ups were not all twelve year old girls. Where did you place the ad?

Marketer: On the Web’s most popular Barbie doll site. I got such a terrific price on the banner, I just couldn’t pass it up!

My staff can still painfully remember the weekend that they had to process 먹튀사이트 over 1000 Play for Free registrations, all young girls, no real customers. Needless to say, he was not the marketer for very long.

Although it is not necessarily a daily routine, dealing with Caribbean banks is certainly one of my more, uh … interesting chores. You must first understand that it is very difficult to do long distance banking under the best of circumstances, and as far as I can tell, there is no such thing as ‘best of circumstances’ when dealing with Caribbean banks.

At the bank we are currently using, I have a very nice young lady assigned to me as my banking agent. I go to her for all my banking needs, which are actually my Players’ banking needs. She writes my checks, processes my bank wires, and even keeps track of my account balance … or does she?

Scarlett: Hi, BA. I was expecting a deposit a couple of days ago. Can you tell me what my account balance is?

BA: Oh, mon, so sorry. We have been on holiday. Did I forget to tell you? I don’t know your balance, mon, but I will call you back in a couple of days.

(My visual picture of the bank is that they don’t use computers, they don’t use a vault, and every bank customer has their very own special drawer. Then, when you ask for your balance, your Bank Agent opens your drawer and starts counting the bills. One … Two … Three … then the phone rings and they have to start counting all over again. One … Two … Three … This is why it can literally take days to get your account balance.)

Scarlett: If you have been on holiday, does that mean you did NOT process the bank wire that I requested?

BA: I will get to it in the morning, Scarlett. Or perhaps the next day. Don’t worry, be happy.

Vacationing in the Caribbean is loads of fun — banking in the Caribbean is not. However, since it is holiday time, we can do a special promotion! Running a promotion means that I get to be the mediator between the promotion writer and the webmaster, because they rarely agree on anything. The promotion writer does not have a clue as to how long it takes to get a new promotion posted on the website. He wants all the bells and whistles, a million new graphics for the Caribbean holiday, a huge Flash animation, and he wants it done in one afternoon. The webmaster is an artist, with the required artists temperament. This does not make for a cohesive combination.

Scarlett: Promodude, you are going to have to lower your expectations concerning the new graphics. The webmaster says you are asking for the impossible, and if you want the promo posted on time, you have to leave him alone.

Promodude: He is such a prima donna. We need excitement. We need all new colors. We need fresh, eye-catching graphics. We need a new webmaster!

Scarlett: What we need is to add some wagering requirements. Then we need to get it posted. Lastly, we need to get the email sent out so that the players know where to find it.

Finally, my favorite part of the day (and I am not being sarcastic) is dealing with customers. I like my customers, I like getting most of their emails, and I enjoy responding to them. In most cases they are much easier to deal with then the people I have listed above. This is true even when something may go wrong. Following is an excerpt from one of my all time favorites:

Dear Casino,

You are a bunch of liars and thieves. You say your games are fair but they are not. I have lost $25 in only five minutes. I am going to tell everyone I know to never play at your casino.

God Bless You,


How can you help but smile? Even after all that, the customer signs off their email with, “God Bless You”.




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