The new Wild West Slot at and has been a huge success for the players. Since it’s opening on the 26:th of September it has  paid out Jack Pot’s as:

September 27 $10000, September 27 $1000, September 28 $1000, September 29 $1000, October 01 $1000, October 06 $5000, October 09 $2000, October 10 $1000, October 14 $1000, October 15 $5000, October 16 $1500, October 20 $5000, October 20 $1000, October 20 $5000, October 24 $1000, October 28 $1000, October 28 $2000, October 31 $10000, November 01 $15000

Casino Manager Paul Wilson says: “The machine is hot and we expected high payouts, but maybe not this high. The software is well tested so I guess it is a matter of players luck.”

One of the lucky winners says: “I cant even put a sentence together, I just won $10,000.00 on a dime machine! I am shaking as I write! Thank you all so much!!!! My partner has been out of work for almost a year, and I have been off myself with health issues for a few weeks, and the wolves are beating on our door, and thanks to Casinodomain, I will be able to keep the house that goes with that door, without this blessing, I would be typing this from the front seat of my new home, the car until it left next. My GOD! I am so thankful, and incredibly in debited to your company, and my family and I thank you.”

Casinodomain is one of the first no-download Java-casinos on the Internet. Casinodomain uses the Net Entertainment Java software, which is renown for its user friendliness and rich graphics.

Mil Treinta y Dos S.A. is owned by Net Entertainment AB. Net Entertainment is one of the premier software producers in the online gaming industry.,, and are all no-download casinos running on the Net Entertainment platform. Operating since 1999, CasinoDomain is one of the biggest and most reputable casinos on the Internet.

ValueClick Media Expands Qq Online Player Base

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA — According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), online gaming will grow nearly 50 percent each year with U.S. revenue climbing from $210 million last year to $1.8 billion in 2005. Jupiter Media Metrix has reported a similar growth forecast with U.S. revenue climbing to $2.55 billion by 2006.

To keep pace with the growth of online gaming clients, ValueClick, Inc.’s (Nasdaq:VCLK – News) media division, ValueClick Media, continually designs unique media and optimization strategies to scale their player base. One optimization technology ValueClick Media offers, enables reporting on conversion data based on the highest quality visitor. ValueClick Media’s ability to label the origin website associated with visitors that become customers, allows campaigns to be optimized by the advertiser’s performance metrics.

Online casinos and sports betting sites can finely target their gaming messages to the appropriate users (based on desired demographics and behavior patterns of “online gamers”) utilizing ValueClick Media’s mass global reach spanning 30,000 unique websites — 9 out of 10 households in major global Internet markets. (April 2002 netScore Internet Traffic Measurement.)

“We have been providing customer acquisition solutions for many of the top online gaming and sports betting advertisers over the last three years and have successfully built long lasting relationships based on the superior results we deliver,” stated Michael Laur, Vice President of Western Sales for ValueClick Media.