Roman Casino uses proprietary software and the graphics are respectable and unique, the animation smooth and the backgrounds colorful. Roman Casino has a style and flair all other online casinos are missing. The games load very quick somehow. Their payouts are audited by Deloite Touche and add up to a massive 98%. All checks are sent via UPS for free. You can choose your own dealer by selecting “dealer” from the pull down menu.


Initial Deposit Bonus: 20% sign up bonus. Wire Transfer Bonus: 10% free bonus for each of your Wire deposits. Refer-A-Friend: Receive $20 in free bonus money for each friend that opens an account.



The game variety is a bit sparse at times (In the “Machine Games” room, for instance, you get three different slots, but the only significant difference between them is the backdrop and the hostess standing beside your machine.)


Financial Information

Roman Casino accepts Visa or Master credit cards and debit cards with Visa or Master Card connection, PayPal and Wire Transfers. Personal identity and details of all members – including name, address, phone number, email address and wagering history – will remain completely confidential, and never given, reported or sold to any third party.

Deposit: Credit Card – Min / Max deposit is $15 / $2,000 per month. If you would like to increase your credit line, you must sign and fax an Authorization Form. PayPal – has no monthly limits. Wire Transfer – has no monthly limits. Roman Togel Online Casino will add a 10% free bonus for each wire deposit.

Withdrawal: They first credit back to your credit card the amounts equal to your original charges. Your additional winnings will be then mailed to you. The minimum amount for a check payment is $25. All checks will be sent by UPS International Courier (processed within 5 days and 3 days mailing time) at their expense. Wire Transfer – They so not return your withdrawals by Bank Wire transfer.



First of all: Roman Casino uses proprietary software and no other online casino uses this one software. In other words this software was developed especially for Roman Casino. Roman Casino is a Shock Wave Casino. The casino is owned and operated by RomanSoft, Ltd., a software Research and Development firm specializing in the creation of Internet based gaming technologies.



Roman Casino is operating under a gaming license granted by the government of Romania. Established, licensed, and fully functional since 4/1/1999. To have a license means that Slotland Casino is able to yearly deposit enough money (approximately US $50,000 up to US $100,000 per annum), pay the taxes (of about 2,5% up to 5%), and hence is subject to the control of the government of the Romania.



You can reach a live person through their online chat customer service within seconds. The chat option is exceptionally good. You queue up to talk to a service representative; the wait is less than a minute. They are polite, helpful, and quite willing to find out what you need to know if they couldn’t answer it immediately themselves.

email: Support@RomanCasino.com











Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoIn baccarat the best bet is always on the banker and the fewer the decks the better the banker bet is. Roman Casino uses eight decks, so the casino’s edge on a banker bet is 1.06% and 1.24% on a player bet. There are other casinos using six or even one deck only, which on the one hand lowers the house edge on a banker bet to 1.01%, but on the other hand increases the house edge on a player bet up to 1.29%. These differences in percentage do not seem large, but they do have a considerable impact on play in real life. Dealt and played using “standard” rules, a winning Banker bet is charged a 5% commission. Ties pay 8:1 so the casino’s Baccarat

advantage is 14.11% on ties. Again, many other casinos pay you 9:1 on ties, which lowers the house edge to 4.8% on a tie bet. The table limits are set to $1-$200. Since betting limits are considered to be important when playing baccarat, low betting limits are certainly negative. But Roman Casino seems to be one of the few online casinos to allow you playing Baccarat for as low as $1 which increases the fun factor. To sum it up it can be said that Roman Casino’s baccarat is rather standard with pretty bad odds for the player and pretty good betting limits for casual Baccarat players. Your personal dealer will also bid you “Good Luck” when you leave the table. Play






Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoSet: Roman Casino uses 6 Decks are used which is standard. It makes it more difficult to keep track of the cards. It is difficult to find an online casino making card counting more easy anyway, but there are some using four, two or even only one deck. The cards are shuffled at about 25% penetration level (after about 25% of the deck was played) which is good because it helps you to keep track of the cards more easily.  The table limits are set to $1-$200. It is very good to be able to wager only $1 per hand since many online casinos have a table minimum of $5 which forces you to lose your bankroll much faster. The house edge with the rules listed below is 0.33% which we consider standard. Be aware of that you can find much better blackjack games online.

Rules: You can play only one hand at once which Blackjack

is frustrating because somewhere else you probably would be allowed to play up to three, four or even five hands at once. The dealer stands on soft 17 (Ace & 6) which is good and standard. Doubling down is allowed on any first two cards but you cannot double down after you have split pairs. This is what land based casinos offer you but should be standard when it comes to online casinos. You may split pairs to two hands only which really is below average, because many other online casinos allow you to split the cards up to three or four hands. If the dealer’s up-card is an ace, the player has an option of taking insurance (causes you to lose only half of your bet if the Dealer has a Blackjack). When the dealer has an 10, or an ace showing, the chance of losing is greater than 75%, which makes it a good option for you.

There is no surrender offered. There are better blackjack games online. Play





Caribbean Poker

Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoThe basic house edge for this game is 5.2% which doesn’t make it look competitive compared to other games. American Roulette has a higher (the highest?) house edge though. The deal is quick, no waiting around for the cards to meander slowly across the screen. What makes this game interesting usually is the side bet of $1 for which you will receive an additional payoff for certain paying hands (flush or better). This  additional payoff is a percentage of a Caribbean Poker

progressive Caribbean Poker jackpot most of the times. The Caribbean Poker game at Roman Casino does not offer such a side bet with these certain extra payoffs. Actually the $1 side bet is a sucker bet when the jackpot is low, but since it gets very big at some online casinos the house edge decreases and really makes it worth a try. To sum it up: There certainly are casinos with much better payoffs and a progressive jackpot running for Caribbean Poker. Betting limits are set to $3-$100. Play




Hand Payoff

Royal Flush 100:1

Straight Flush 50:1

4 of a Kind 20:1

Full House 7:1

Flush 5:1

Straight 4:1

3 of a Kind 3:1

2 pair 2:1

1 pair 1:1






Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoRoman Casino offers 2x odds: if you bet $10 on the pass-line (bet, that the player will win), you can increase your original bet by $20 after the dice have been thrown (to wager behind). To wager behind is what a good craps player will do and a criteria of a good craps game is how many odds the casino offers you. As the amount of allowed odds increases, the house advantage decreases considerably. When making the odds bet 1x – as most online casinos do – the house edge is 0.85% / 0.68% (pass / don’t pass). When making the odds bet 2x – as Roman Casino does – the house edge is cut down to 0.61% / 0.45% Craps

already. Online Casino usually offer you up to 3x odds (land based casinos sometimes offer you up to 100x odds). But Roman Casino does not exactly offer the 2x odds the way land based casinos do: 2x usually means that you can wager behind twice the amount you could win. So if the odds are 2x and you bet $10 on the pass-line, you could win $20 and hence wager $40 behind it. Because Roman Casino does not follow the real rules – as almost no online casino does – the basic house edge is 0.61% / 0.58%. The table limits are set to $1-$200. There are better online casinos to play craps at, but Roman Casino is a good one as well. Play






Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoThere are 80 balls from which 20 are drawn. You pick up to 10 numbers and try to match. The graphics are very nice. Limits are $1 to $100 which is excellent; other online casinos usually allow you to bet up to $10 only. Roman Casino has an average payout of nearly 87.5% for Keno. (86.28% when counting all 10 picks including pick 1 which always pays only about 75%, and



87.48% when not counting pick 1). This payout ratio is better than what land-based and online casinos, since they pay back 70% – 75% on average. There are online casinos though paying exceptionally good: up to about 95%. The spread of the payouts is very interesting here and lots of fun to play. You certainly can give it a try but be aware of that there are better places to play keno at. Play




Match 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.9 1.1 1.4 1.8

1 2 0.8 0.5 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.4

2 – 5 1.5 0.9 0.5 0.3 0.3 0.2 0.2 0.2

3 – – 18 4.5 1.9 1 0.6 0.4 0.3 0.2

4 – – – 65 13 5 2 1.2 0.8 0.5

5 – – – – 250 46 14 6 3 1.6

6 – – – – – 1100 170 46 17 8

7 – – – – – – 5000 690 165 56

8 – – – – – – – 25500 3000 670

9 – – – – – – – – 135000 14500

10 – – – – – – – – – 800000

Payouts 75.47% 88.45% 88.16% 86.91% 87.12% 87.5% 87.88% 86.66% 87.21% 87.4%





Let it Ride Poker

Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoThe basic house edge for this game is 3.5%. The deal is quick, no waiting around for the cards. What makes this game interesting usually is the side bet of $1 for which you will receive an additional payoff for certain paying hands (flush or better). This additional payoff is most of the times a percentage of a progressive Let It Ride Poker jackpot. The Let It Ride Poker game at Roman Casino does not offer such a side bet with these Let it Ride Poker

certain extra payoffs. Actually the $1 side bet is a sucker bet where the progressive meter causes the house edge to vary greatly. If the jackpot is small, the house edge is huge ( up to 70%), but since the progressive jackpots get very big at some online casinos the house edge decreases and really makes it worth a try. To sum it up: There certainly are casinos with much better payoffs because of their progressive jackpot running for Let It Ride Poker. Betting limits are set to $3-$198. Play



Hand Payoff

Royal Flush 1000:1

Straight Flush 200:1

4 of a Kind 50:1

Full House 11:1

Flush 8:1

Straight 5:1

3 of a Kind 3:1

2 pair 2:1

1 pair 1:1





Pai Gow Poker

Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoYou are paid even money on all winning hands less a 5% commission. The dealer is always the bank which sets the basic house edge at 2.85%. Actually only a Pai Gow Poker game where the casino alternates the turn of the banker is good; it would set the house edge at 1.46%. It works like this: In the event of an exact match between hands, called a copy, the tie goes to the banker. (The probability that the front hands will copy Pai Gow Poker

is 2.55% and the probability that the back hands will copy is 0.32%.) When it is your turn to be the banker the house has only an 0.08% edge over you. Because both the turn of the banker and the 0.08% edge alternates you end up with the aforesaid 1.46% house edge. Almost every online casino only lets the dealer  bank. So does Roman Casino. The table limits are set to $1-$200 which is pretty good for beginners. There are better Pai Gow Poker games out there. Play





Red Dog

Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoThis is a simple game where the player makes an ‘ante’ , then two cards are chosen and you may raise your bet if you think a third card will fit in between the first two. You are given certain payouts for certain spreads. The spread is the number of ranks between two given cards. For example, the spread between a five and an eight is two. The maximum spread is eleven.

3rd card fits in 1-card-spread pays 5 : 1

3rd card fits in 2-card-spread pays 4 : 1

3rd card fits in 3-card-spread pays 2 : 1

3rd card fits in 4-card-spread pays 1 : 1

Three cards of the same kind pay 11 : 1 Red Dog

The game itself is difficult to find these days in land-based casinos and not all online casinos offer Red Dog. In Red Dog the greater the number of decks the better are the odds for the player. This is because of the greater probability of drawing the right card or a three of a kind, which pays 11:1. Since Roman Casinos uses only 2 decks the house edge is 3.08% which we consider too high to play here since there are online casinos playing Red Dog with 8 decks, cutting the house edge down to 2.75%. Limits are $5-$250. Play





American Roulette

Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoThis is a double-zero wheel (containing one 0 and one double- 00) which sets the casino’s basic edge at 5.3%, which actually is too high to play here. Roman Casino does not use the ‘la partage’ rule: the player loses only half the bet on the ‘outside’ bets should one of the zeros come up (the ‘outside’ bets are high, low; red, black; odd and even). Also called the ‘en prison’ rule. If Roman Casino used this rule, the casino’s edge on those bets would be cut down to 2.63%. If you are an outside bettor, who likes American Roulette

to bet on high, low, red, black, odd or even only, you should look for the American roulette version offering the ‘la partage’ rule in another casino, since it offers slightly better odds for those bets (2.63%). But if you prefer to bet on all bets alike, you really should play the European roulette, since the house edge there is 2.7% on all bets. Consider that inside bets offer far better payouts than outside bets, so bet the middle 12 once in a while. The betting limits are set to $1-$200. If you would like to bet higher, go to Global-Player Casino. You can bet up to $6,000 there. Play





Sic Bo

Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoSic Bo, meaning “dice pair” is an ancient Chinese gambling game in which you bet on the combinations that three dice can make. Generally Sic Bo offers very bad odds for the player. Roman Sic Bo

Casino offers you the same bad payoffs as you would expect in land based casinos. There are some online casinos offering almost twice as good payoffs for Sic Bo. Look out for them and do not waste your time playing Sic Bo here. Play



Bet Probability Payoff House Edge

4 – 10 (small bet) 48.61% 1:1 2.78%

11 – 18 (big bet) 48.61% 1:1 2.78%

Any specific 2 dice combination 13.89% 5:1 16.65%

Any specific of the 6 Doubles (pairs) 7.41% 8:1 33.33%

Any specific of the 6 Triples 0.46% 150:1 30.09%

Any Triple 2.78% 24:1 30.56%

One dice being a specific number (1-6) 34.72% 1:1 30.56%

4 or 17 1.39% 50:1 29.17%

5 or 16 2.78% 18:1 47.22%

6 or 15 4.63% 14:1 30.56%

7 or 14 6.94% 12:1 9.72%

8 or 13 9.72% 8:1 12.5%

9 or 12 11.57% 6:1 18.98%

10 or 11 12.50% 6:1 12.5%






Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoIt is difficult to calculate the payout probabilities of slot machines without knowing exactly how many times a certain symbol appears on each real. You could sit in front of the machine, pull the lever 500,000 times and write the results down or rely on the information that Roman Casino gives you. According to their accounting Slots

firm Delouite Touche their payout is more than 98% which is good amongst online casinos. So we would advise you to try your luck here. It is a petty though that they offer only two slot machines none of them metering a progressive jackpot. The betting denominations are 5c, 10c, 25c, $1, $2, $3, $4, or $5. This choice of denominations is excellent. Play


Name Reels

/Lines Winning

Comb. Wild

Symb. Bonus

Screen Top

Prize Play

Caesar Wild 3/1 7 Yes No $2,500 Play

Caesar Head 3/1 7 Yes No $2,500 Play





Video Poker

Casino Reviews: Roman CasinoRoman Casino offers exactly one Video Poker type: a Jacks or Better machine. The coin denominations you wish to play are 5c, 10c, 25c, $1, $2, $3, Video Poker

$4, or $5. This choice of denominations is excellent. Because of the sparse choice of Video Poker machines we would recommend to play Video Poker somewhere else.