The Smartgameads is a great way for you to generate free, TARGETED traffic to your web site, affiliate links, multilevel marketing program or favorite charity just by doing something you do every day – browse the web!

Best of all, the Smartgameads doesn’t just market for you, it actually improves your web browsing and marketing experience by giving you fingertip access to more than 185 of the best search and marketing tools on the web!

Here’s how it works.

After you install the Smartgameads, you will see a new, slim toolbar in your Internet Explorer or FireFox browser. This toolbar consists of a search box, search menu, highlighter, tools button and a single headline ad.

This headline ad belongs to one of the other members of the network. The ad changes each time you go to a new web page in your browser, generating additional ad credits for you to show your ad on other member’s browser toolbars. When people click on your ad, they are taken to your web site or to whatever affiliate program, MLM or other site you are promoting.

As you see in the video demo on the right, this tool-packed toolbar takes up very little space. It uses categorized pull-down menus to give you fast, easy access to the search options and tools. If you enter a phrase and just hit enter, it acts like a Google toolbar by default, putting your search to Google.

It’s like advertising on EVERY page of the web!

You never have to visit sites you don’t want to and

you earn credits while going to the same sites you use everyday.

NO adware, spyware or scumware.

Your privacy is protected – we don’t track or know what pages you visit.

How much traffic do I get?

You receive traffic for the browsing you do, the browsing of the people you invite AND even a 10 level deep downline of people that your invitees invite.

For a free member, every time you visit 4 different web pages (or additional pages of the same site) you would have 1 credit to show your ad in someone else’s toolbar. Most people visit 100s of different pages per day. If you only visited 50 pages per day, this would give you 12.5 credits per day, 380 ad views per month, or 4562 ad views per year.

But the real power is when you invite others, creating a viral effect to generate Playable Ad credits…

For the next 10 levels, you get .05 credits as everyone in your downline browses. This may not sound like much, but as your down line builds, it can be a huge amount of free advertising.

Here is an example assuming you only invite two people who join and they each invite 2 people who join. For this example, we have assumed that everyone only visits 50 different pages per day.

How do I earn cash?

When you become a Pro member (as low as $3.99 per month), you earn a full 50% commission on anyone you invite who becomes a Pro member – and you get the 50% of their monthly Pro payment EVERY month!

You also get 50% on any additional ad credits purchased by any pro or free members you invite. Pro memberships go up to $19.99 per month, so this is a great way of monetizing your subscriber or membership list.

How is the traffic targeted?

In their profile, people can choose what categories of ads they want to see. Preference is giving to showing ads in their toolbar that fit the category they choose. So you aren’t wasting your advertising credits on people who have no interest in your type of product or service.

Sounds great – so why the tools?

I wanted this system to be more than just an advertising exchange – I wanted to toolbar to be so good that people would want it and use it even if they had no web site to market! This way, you will find it easier to invite people and get them to sign up and they are more likely to stay with the system. Also, I dislike giving up my browser space for advertising unless I get something in return. Many other people feel this way, so I am making sure they are getting great value for adding this tool to their browser.

I use this toolbar personally every day and do my search and research from it and it works MUCH better than other search tools I’ve tried. So I would use it even if it wasn’t part of a free traffic exchange.

How do I use the search tools?

When using the search box, you can use the pull-down search menu that lets you direct your search into a number of categories, such as people search, reference search, news search, etc. You can pick the type of search or what search engine to search with. The tool includes most of the major search engines plus a number of search engines and tools I have found to give great results. The highlighter tool will highlight the search phrase used to show where it appears on the page – a great way to find what you were looking for fast. It defaults to a Google search if you enter a phrase without choosing an option and press enter.

What about the URL analysis tools?

You can also put in a domain name address (URL) in the search box and use the URL analysis tools to explore site ownership, popularity and links, and even design quality.

What kinds of marketing tools are included?

As a professional speaker and trainer on Internet Marketing, I have spent hours exhaustively testing tools to see which ones work best for my students and clients. The toolbar gives you quick access to the best Internet marketing tools I’ve found. Many of these tools are free or very low cost. The tools include traffic builders, ad trackers, auto responders, web site builders and templates, hosting, public relations tools, copy writing, form generators and much more. And I add new ones every few weeks.

What if I need help with all this?

Even though the service is free, we offer technical support as well as a discussion forum where users can share ideas and help each other. We also run regular free training sessions to help you get the most from the Smartgameads.

How are you different from other tool bars and advertising exchanges?

Tool bars from other companies like Google and Yahoo only let you search through THEIR ONE search engine. This tool lets you search Google, Yahoo over 70 other search engines and resources from one toolbar.

Most advertising exchanges have no useful features other than the advertising exchange itself to keep people using it. And the traffic is usually NOT targeted. With targeted traffic and the added research, search, analysis and marketing tools, I know I have the best combined toolbar for marketing AND research.

I am constantly adding new search and marketing tools to the Smartgameads and your tool bar will be automatically updated with the new tools on a regular basis. If I’ve missed your favorite search or marketing tool, let me know and I can usually add it.

You can use our toolbar and leave any other toolbars you use installed as well. Ours should not interfere.