VANCOUVER, CANADA – ModernGroove Entertainment International, Inc. today announced it has been granted a license from Sony Computer Entertainment of America to develop interactive entertainment titles for their upcoming PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system.

“When evaluating potential developers, Sony looks for a high level of innovation coupled with the ability to deliver a great product,” said Adrian Crook, Executive Producer of ModernGroove. “Our team is excited to be given the chance to prove as much on the most significant entertainment platform in the world.” ModernGroove received and set up its first shipment of PlayStation 2 development stations in May, much to the delight of its production team. Virtually all of ModernGroove’s artists, programmers, and producers spent years honing their craft at Electronic Arts Canada, so the influx of new development stations into the studio is a familiar event.

“The PlayStation 2 is the vehicle that will deliver truly interactive entertainment to the home,” said Crook, producer and original concept generator on Electronic Arts’ Sled Storm for the Sony PlayStation (over 800,000 units sold to date). “It’s the unique abilities of the PlayStation 2 – broadband, DVD, USB – that attracted ModernGroove to the platform. For the first time, pioneering developers can build their dreams without compromise and that’s exactly what ModernGroove intends to do.”

ModernGroove Entertainment International, Inc. (, headquarted in Los Angeles with studio operations in Vancouver, Canada, is an emerging leader in the production and delivery of interactive entertainment and streaming media for next generation, internet-enabled platforms such as the PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system and the personal computer. Founded in August 1999, ModernGroove now boasts a staff of over 40 artists, engineers, producers, and business personnel.

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. markets the PlayStation game console for distribution in North America, develops and publishes software for the PlayStation game console, and manages the U.S. third party licensing program. Based in Foster City, Calif., Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

21st Software today announced that 21st Jigsaw Puzzle V3 and all 16 titles are available for sale.

21st Jigsaw Puzzle version 3 has received high scores by slot online terpercaya  gaming websites. MPOG gives the game four stars and says “Puzzle Enthusiast Couldn’t Ask For Much More” Gamers Pulse rated the game an 81 and said, “It’s rather frightening how a simple program with no flash, flare or pretensions can suck so much time from you. I slowly, methodically solved all the puzzles, then went to a higher difficulty and did them all again. Deadlines were ignored, articles and reviews went undone, and still, there I was doing the puzzles. The person at Game Zone who reviewed the software liked it so which they bought it.

21st Century Jigsaw Puzzle was created for the high demands of heavy jigsaw puzzle players. The program allows players to cut a puzzle into 4 or 4,000 pieces, rotate pieces, send any puzzle to a friend, open additional work area, time themselves, get a hint to finding difficult pieces, create puzzles of a special image, separate boarder pieces and more.

With the 16 jigsaw puzzles titles available you can see bears, penguins, dogs, snakes, underwater animals up close and personal, climb Mt Rainier with a climber, enjoy a laugh from London’s Times cartoons or pull out your hair with the difficult fractal puzzles. Our professional photographers have published in notable magazines and book, while London’s Times has received positive reviews from such notables as the top single-panel cartoonists in the U.S.; Leigh Rubin (Rubes), Dave Coverly (two time Reuben Winner for Speed Bump,) and John McPherson Close To Home.

For more information on 21st Jigsaw Puzzle or titles see webpage below