The rules below may seem a bit confusing at first , but will become clearer once you study the Practise pages.

  1. Whenever you reach a positive result/profit you must send that specific units of profit to the bank and reset the Count (PC and RC) to one, you must reset the profit units to zero and you must reset the number of spins to one. You will thus begin a new RUN. A single session may consist of more than one run.
  2. All units that you send to the bank must be kept separate from your bankroll. These units are not to be touched again!!!. If you have a losing session this will ensure that you will never lose all your starting capitol. You only keep on playing with the units you have in your bankroll and not the units you have sent to your “bank stack”. You will thus have two stacks in front of you. A “bankroll stack” , the one you will use to play a single session with, and a “bank stack”, the one you will use to determine your running profit. Once a unit is placed on your bank stack you may not remove it again until the sessions has ended.
  3. Always keep to the same Even-Money bet (High/Low, Odds/Evens , or Red/Black) that you started with from spin One. (The system only works on even money bets)
  4. For each Win cancel only ONE(1) count. DO NOT be tempted to cancel two or three เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์ if the win is a Two or a Three. Even if the win is a Five you still only cancel One count. ( This rule only changes when AP1 and AP2 is activated)
  5. For each loss add only the next number count. i.e. if the count is at three then the next count will be four (3+1) and so on.
  6. If the Reset Indicator (RI) reaches 5 then play AP1 until the count goes down to one.
  7. If the Running Count (RC) reaches 12 then play AP2 until you reach one. DO NOT go back to AP1 when the count goes below 12, keep on playing AP2 until you reach a count of one.
  8. A “0” or “00” will qualify as a loss, i.e. add one count. (Even though you get 50% of your bet back at some casinos)
  9. If you have to stop play for a while ,then only stop when you on a count of one.
  10. A No-Spin or a Miss-Spin will have no effect , so just keep on playing.
  11. When your total running profit equals 50 % of your starting bankroll then STOP. This will indicate the END of a Winning SESSION.


COUNT: Consists of a PLAY-COUNT and a RUNNING-COUNT. Sometimes the PC and RC can have the same value.


Indicates the number of units/chips to be wagered/played on the next spin. It is the smallest value of the Count.

e.g. If the Count is “1,2,3,4” then the PC value is “1” and the RC is “4”.


Shows your winning deficit and is used to indicate when certain calculations have to be activated to reduce this deficit. (AdvPlay 2 ).

It is used to show you the value of the RESET-INDICATOR (RI).

e.g. If the Count is “1,2,3,4” then the PC value is “1” and the RC is “4”.

The RC is also used to indicate when to activate AP2

TARGET-PLAY (TP)[Profit Indicator]

With BasicPlay it was closely related to the number of spins.

With TRIOPLAY your TARGET PLAY IS 50% of your starting bankroll. If your bankroll is 100 units then you will end your session when you have 50 units profit. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTINIUE PLAYING AFTER YOU REACHED YOUR TARGET. This is the most important money management rule. If you neglect to abide by it you will never become a successful roulette player.

With the Complete TRIOPLAY system the difference between the number of spins and the number of profit units is not used to indicate a TARGET PLAY.(as with BasicPlay)

With TRIOPLAY it is related to your bankroll. i.e. if you reach 50% of your bankroll you must STOP. This is the TRIOPLAY TARGETPLAY.


The reset indicator will indicate when to play AP1 and it is different from the indicator used in the demo with BasicPlay. Please ensure that you have clarity on this difference when playing the full TRIOPLAY version.

The RESET-INDICATOR is the difference/value between your PC and RC.

e.g. If the Count is “1,2,3,4,5,” your PC is “1” and your RC is “5” and the difference between them is 4 (5-1=4). Thus your RI will be “4”


A “reset play” happens every-time you reach a positive result. When you study the practice pages this play will become apparent.

A reset play is when you reset the Count, PC and RC, win/lose, number of spins to one and you send the profit units to your “Bank Stack” .

A normal session of 100 spins has on average 25 reset plays.

Thus when implementing a reset play, it doesn’t mean the end of a session. Unless, your bankroll is so depleted that you cannot continue with a decent session. (REMEMBER not to use the money/chips in your “Bank Stack”)

STOP-PLAY (SP) [Loss Indicator].

Whenever the SUM of the Count is more than your Current BankRoll, then you

MUST STOP.e.g. If your beginning bankroll is 50 units and the count is for example

“9,10,11,12,13”, then your SP Indicator is 55 (9+10+11+12+13=55), then you

must stop whether or not you are showing a loss or a profit. Do not attempt

to see if you can recover any losses.

EVEN if you show a profit you must also stop. Do not go for TARGETPLAY. The

odds are against you, 9 out of 10 times you will lose your total bankroll

if you continue to play when you reach this situation.

You are learning to become a Professional gambler, so don’t “push the

envelope” at this stage.